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Signature Ritual

Our Signature Spa Ritual is the ultimate sensory journey entwining rejuvenation with relaxation for complete spa indulgence.

Catering to the sensory preferences of both him and her, this intoxicating rejuvenation ritual is steeped in vitamins, omega serums and fresh seasonal botanicals.

Begin with a full body exfoliation massage steeped in an aromatic infusion of organic cane sugar, molten nut butters and cold pressed oils. Once removed, surrender to a full body hydration massage enriched with this season’s botanical harvest to replenish and deeply hydrate.

Skin is then treated to the seasonal botanical spa facial, which includes a hydrating double cleanse, deep clay exfoliation, vitamin enriched emulsion massage and performance contour masque infused with 500mg of pure C. Face, eyes and lips are then finished with hydration.

Pure botanical indulgence from head to toe!


  • Botanical Body Exfoliation
  • Full Body Hydration Massage
  • Orange Creme Hair Treatment Massage
  • Seasonal Botanical Spa Facial

Spa Escapes

Drive into the hills for a destination escape at Stables Day Spa and melt into luxurious sensory rituals rich in vitamins and botanical nutrients designed to nourish, hydrate and revitalise mind, body and soul.

Body Polish + Body Wrap | Orange Crème Hair Treatment | Hydration Massage | Performance Spa Facial

Drift into dreamtime with this exquisite ceremony of pampering, which begins with a walnut and papaya exfoliation massage, followed by a nourishing clay wrap infused with vanilla bean, hazelnut, honey and molten cocoa butter.

Whilst wrapped in bliss, enjoy an indulgent hair and scalp treatment layered with blackberry, jojoba and crushed citrus. Once removed, the body is finished with a moisture-rich massage, before a spa facial drenched in vitamins and omega rich infusions, completes this luxurious journey.


Wellness Massage | Seasonal Spa Facial | Scalp Massage

Close your eyes and fall in love as your romance begins with a full body massage using warm aromatic oils that leave soothing trails of relief. This indulgent ritual then continues with a refining facial treatment rich in exotic fruit extracts, vitamin infusions and a clay butter masque before closing with a tension dissolving scalp massage.


Body Polish + Body Wrap | Facial Cleanse, Masque & Serum | Hydration Body Massage

Surrender into an artisan inspired ritual for healing, rest and rejuvenation, which begins with a smoothing exfoliation massage, followed by a rich French clay cocoon steeped in vitamins, precious oils and exquisite botanical extracts.

Whilst the clay is infusing, the face is treated to an antioxidant hydration treatment, and once unwrapped, the body is complete with an aromatic molten nut butter massage. Choose from Organic Honey & Cocoa, Moroccan Melt or Spice Chai Tisane.


Hot Stone Back Massage | Express Refresh Facial | Scalp Treatment | Foot Massage

Rest and revive with this performance therapy offering a deeply warming stress release back massage, a vitamin infused express refresh spa facial, a citrus infused scalp therapy and a gingko spearmint foot treatment. This ritual is a popular choice with many of our male guests and anyone wanting to look younger and feel better. Also available as a 120 min ritual.


Spa Facials

Waterlily’s Professional Exclusive Spa Facials are formulated harnessing pure aromaceutical concentrates with premium dilutions of active botanicals, vitamins and omega rich infusions to deliver a sensory spa ritual that promises visible results.

Anti-ageing | Hydrating | Rejuvenating | Mature | Dry | Sensitive Skin Types

This ultimate anti-ageing treatment offers an infusion of precious omega serums, collagen and opulent essential oils to deeply rejuvenate replenish and renew. Exquisite essential oils of rose balsam, crushed nut butters and anti ageing vitamins deliver the ultimate hydration treatment.


Clarifying | Rebalancing | Corrective for Oily | Acne | Congested | Problematic Skin

Detoxify and rebalance congested skin with a boost of nutrient rich marine and herbal infusions, clarifying essential oils and healing vitamins. This professional treatment promotes a clear, confident and hydrated complexion.


Firming | Brightening | Hydrating for All Skin Types

Refresh and hydrate any skin type with fresh seasonal ingredients, omega oils, vitamin A and pure essential oil concentrates. Once infused, a performance contour masque steeped in active botanicals and pure vitamin C transforms the skin for a bright firm finish


Revitalising | Cleansing | Replenishing for All Skin Types

Nourish and brighten the complexion with a ‘quick pick me up’ cleansing facial using a selection of nourishing oils, fruit extracts and replenishing botanicals.


Hydrating | Brightening | Anti-ageing | Mature | Dry | Sun Damage

Formulated to protect skin from aging, this antioxidant boosting facial treatment combines pure Shiraz, grape seed and resveratrol to renew, replenish and repair. Skin is left bright, firm and rejuvenated.


Repairing | Rejuvenating | Brightening | Anti-Ageing | For All Skin Types & Sun Damaged Skin


Harnessing sea mineral rich ocean water plasma carefully infused with vitamins A, C + E, this performance skin solution combats oxidative stress and dehydration. Deeply replenishing, this professional treatment will rejuvenate and brighten skin.


Upgraded Enhancements – Add another element of hydration within your facial: Choose from a Anti-ageing Eye Treatment or Orange Crème Hair Treatment Masque.

Extra Indulgences – Add an additional 30 minute therapy to enhance your Facial Experience: Choose a Back Neck Shoulder Massage or Foot Zone Massage.

Massage Rituals

Combine the therapeutic effects of clinical essential oil blends steeped in a skin nourishing infusion of pure plant oils. Skin is replenished, the soul soothed and the body rejuvenated. Surrender to the journey!

The very firm and consistent pressure of this deep tissue massage is ideal for sports enthusiasts and anyone with deeply held tension or general muscle tightness. As blood flow is encouraged, metabolic toxins are flushed and muscular tension finds relief.


This gentle flowing massage offers the gift of a nurturing touch as traditional Swedish techniques and movements safely support the release of stress, tension and fatigue.


Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the deeper layers of muscle as warm stones, bathed in oils and held in the palms of your therapist, glide over the body. This deeply soothing experience is wonderful for circulation, the relief of stiff joints and injuries.


In the safe and caring hands of an experienced therapist, this nurturing massage caters to the needs of expectant mothers for balance, ease and comfort during this special time.


Extra Indulgences – Add an additional 30 minute therapy to enhance your Massage experience.


  • Orange Creme Hair Treatment | 30 mins
  • Express Refresh Spa Facial | 30 mins

Spa Moments

Experience the profound and restorative benefits of a little Spa time designed to offer a ‘quick pick me up’.

  •  Express Refresh Spa Facial & Scalp Massage | 45 mins | $115
  • Smoothing Exfoliation Massage | 45 mins | $115
  • Relaxing Back & Foot Massage | 45 mins | $115
  • Back, Foot & Scalp | 45 mins | $115

Hand & Foot Rituals

Botanical nutrients, exotic fruits and pure essential oils deliver a luxurious experience for hands and feet.

Hand Soak | Raspberry Exfoliation | Cuticles, Nails | Rose Hydration Massage

Replenish beautiful hands and nails with a skin softening hand soak, a raspberry crème and pink French clay smoothing exfoliation, and focused fingertip attention. This deluxe treat is completed with a nourishing hand massage rich in guava and Moroccan rose.


Foot Soak | Pineapple Exfoliation | Cuticles, Nails, Heels | Mint Hydration Massage

Restore tired toes and feet as your feet are welcomed to a bathing ritual and a bamboo and pineapple exfoliation, which is followed by focused attention on nails, cuticles and heels. This decadent treatment then finishes with a rich spearmint and gingko foot massage.


Foot Soak | Pineapple Exfoliation | Cuticles, Nails, Heels | Foot Massage | Polish

Revive tired toes and feet as your soles are welcomed into a warm foot bath and a bamboo, pineapple exfoliation, which is followed by focused attention on cuticles, nails and heels. This refreshing treatment finishes with a rich spearmint and gingko foot massage and toenail polish.


Hand Soak | Raspberry Exfoliation | Tidy Nails | Rose Hydration Massage

Replenish beautiful hands and nails with a skin softening hand soak, a raspberry smoothing exfoliation, and a little tidy up of nails. This deluxe treat is completed with a nourishing hand massage rich in guava and Moroccan Rose.


Nail Polish is available as an addition to our hand and foot rituals. Please refer to the price list for details.

Special Occasion Packages

With an extensive menu of services, our Spa can prepare a Bespoke Experience catering to wedding parties, groups, couples, expectant mothers, men and those with specific needs or preferences.